Actual BFFs: These Ladies Have Been Best Friends For 100 Years

Alice and Irene have known each other for 94 years. Ninety-four years. Steve Harvey sat down with the pair, to talk a bit about their long-term friendship and discuss their perspectives on modern culture.

These two were both born in 1914, but despite reaching triple digits they appear to be full of verve and sass. Though they might not be lively in body (or of hearing), they are clearly still sharp-minded.

From iPhones to Bieber, twerking to North West, their thoughts are truly hilarious. Old age may be limiting in some regards, but these ladies are an excellent example of how to live it up for the whole ride.

Steve Harvey wants to reach a hundred with a friend just to cuss? Hell, no need to wait for that.

H/t: Thought Catalogue