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These Are The Names Warby Parker Should Really Give Its Glasses

I'd like nothing more than to live in a world where your physical appearance was the last thing you were judged on -- I dream of the day I can wear footie pajamas in public without making mothers grab their children and walk hurriedly in the opposite direction.

Even if you don't consciously put a lot of thought into how you present yourself to the world on a daily basis, you've probably unconsciously cultivated your own style and aesthetic that most people will subconsciously judge you on.

This is especially true if you wear glasses, a fashion accessory that occupies some of the most valuable (and visible) real estate on the human body.

Like it or not, people are going to judge you for the frames you pick, and it's important you know exactly what vibe you're giving off when you decide on the glasses that are going to to be the central focus of your face whenever you put them on.

Eyewear manufacturers -- like the auto industry -- tend to give their frames vague names that can make it difficult to figure out exactly how they'll impact your personal brand.

This is especially true of Warby Parker, the go-to retailer for people who wouldn't be caught dead in a LensCrafters. That's why I took the time to go through Warby Parker's selection and give its products names that provide a much better idea of the vibe you'll be giving off.




Lionel, $145, Warby Parker 


Nash, $95, Warby Parker 


Percey, $95, Warby Parker 


Ramsay, $145, Warby Parker 



Upton, $95, Warby Parker 


Watts, $95, Warby Parker