Here Are 7 Signs Your Dog Might Actually Be A Big Fat Fatty

by Digital Doggy

Your dog is absolutely, 100 percent perfect in your eyes. An angel. A godsend. He wakes up flawless (yes, that's a Beyoncé reference). But here's how to tell if your dog is actually overweight in the eyes of, well, everyone but you!

His tummy touches the ground.

Or, better yet, does he slide on his belly when you take him for “walks”? If so, he's fat.

He rushes through every meal like it's his last.

If he inhales everything in less than two seconds, congratulations, you've got a fatty.

He can barely make it down the block.

Stop, drop and (fat) rolls.

There's a puddle of drool next to your table every time you have dinner.

If so, your dog is both fat and untrained. Get with it, sister!

He looks like a Vienna sausage on legs.

Short, squat legs. Umm, fatty alert!

His dog sweaters don't fit anymore.

This is a bad sign. On a side note, when are they going to start making plus sizes for dogs??

People constantly tell you, "Your dog is overweight."

Well, you should probably listen. Believe it or not, 99 percent of the time our dogs are only beautiful in our eyes. Whoops.

But really, it may be cute to have a fat dog, but it ain't healthy! Get that pup on a treadmill STAT!