Reporter Interviews Best Person Possible At Pro-Weed Protest On 4/20 (Video)

Happy 4/20, guys!

On this most peculiar of holidays when young people all across this great country of ours send emails to their bosses saying they have "food poisoning" and "dead grandmas," we decided to reward our loyal readers by showing them what a legalize-marijuana protest looks like in Sydney, Australia.

According to this video, Australian stoners are exactly what your parents were worried about all this time. It's like an anti-drug group's wet dream.

The most sensible one among them is the guy who makes the argument that cigarettes kill way more people a year and no one cares. Good point, man! Unfortunately, we then find out this guy may or may not be high on heroin.

So, go out and be merry, guys. But as weed ambassadors, please try not to be as dumb as these high Australians.