25 Of The Worst Public Spelling Errors We've Ever Seen

Spelling is the worst! With tools like spell check on our computers and devices today, many of us often forget how to actually spell anything. Well, spelling errors have become a bit of a trend in the news lately.

From the 12-year-old kid who lost Final Jeopardy because he spelled “Emancipation Proclamation" incorrectly, to the hilarious ESPN mistake where they listed a Japanese Little Leaguer's favorite singer as "Wandai  Wrection" instead of the obvious, One Direction, it seems spelling mistakes are definitely a prevalent issue.

While many spelling mistakes aren't due to a lack of intelligence, rather carelessness and an absence of copy-editors, I can't help but find humor in some of the major errors we've seen lately. Just one wrong letter can take the meaning of a word and change it into something completely different. Sometimes, they're so ridiculous, you can't help but think: how the heck could anyone have missed that!? Well, they have, and we're thankful for it.

Here are 25 of the worst public spelling errors that we've ever seen:

Well, here's another name for the First Lady...

Apparently the two are arguing over room and board?

They shouldn't have too many issues...

I think we're more afraid of your spelling than your dog...

I always thought he was more of a carpet guy.

I hear he makes a mean burger though!

Clearly your job is "two" hard for you.

Yes, and his dream was to come to Earth.

Sum Won Fired!

Apparently you don't need a college education to play college baseball...

Those Asian children are real monsters!

Oh, so that's what she meant by "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

I think the word you were looking for is "idiot"?

The American education system at its finest.

With the amount of money Kevin Durant makes, he couldn't find a literate tattoo artist?

Freudian slip, much?

I'm gonna guess Maiesha and Anamaria didn't make this sign...

Appreciate the effort, but not sure execution was right.

Clearly this guy wasn't wearing one...

A road that leads right back to Great Britain...

As in it tastes better than it's spelled?

I think I'd prefer to use the "X-it."

Holy sh*t! Call the president!

One wrong letter can really make a big difference...

And finally, Amerrrica!!!

Several words were spelled incorrectly in the writing of this article.

Good thing I have a copywriter!

(Images via Reddit)