30 GIFs Showing Why You're Probably Going To Blackout

“How did I get so drunk last night!?”

It seems today that more and more people are blacking out every night and pretending the next morning like they have no idea how it happened. Really, you don’t know? Maybe you should have thought about that last night before you downed 7 straight shots of tequila BEFORE leaving your apartment to go to the pregame.

Here at Elite Daily, we strive to provide advice and guidance to the members of Generation-Y. Yesterday we posted this week's Generation whY!? 'Blacking Out On A Nightly Basis'.

Today, we present the 30 GIFs that are clues you're probably going to blackout.

You are taking shots alone.

You’ve got the ‘I’m drunk’ face.

You’re winning at flip cup.

You're bouncing a flip cup off your ass...

You’re nervous to give a speech.

Your nickname is the “Jim Beam guy.”

You’re forcing yourself to drink.

You think you are Superman.

You just found out you're hosting "The Tonight Show."

You take shots of whiskey by yourself.

You're having beer chugging competitions.

You're chugging bottles from the minibar.

You're taking a bottle of Jack to the face.

You’re cross-dressing and chugging beers.

You are the world's dumbest redneck.

Your boyfriend just broke up with you.

 Your friend is in from out of town.

You've been drinking since 2pm.

Your friend is a bad influence.

The Best Man is telling stories from the bachelor party.

Your parents just told you they're getting divorced.

All the cool kids are doing it.

You just caught your girl cheating.

It's St. Paddy's Day.

You just found out you made out with a dude.

It's Cinco De Mayo.

You're done with the semester and you're waiting for your parents to come pick you up from school.

Your friend has a bottle at the club.

You're determined to become a dragon.