25 Celebrities We'd Like To Punch In The Face

We have become a society that idolizes celebrity and fame. From Twitter, to entertainment news, to magazines and tabloids, we can't help but consume ourselves in everything celebrities do.

Some celebrities' faces are just so punchable, though. Every time you see them, you can't help but wish you could just wind back and rock them in the face.

Whether it's because of the stupid comments they make, the way they carry themselves, or just for no apparent reason at all -- there are some celebrities today who we all would find great pleasure from punching their faces in.

Here are 25 celebrities we'd love to punch in the face:

Anne Hathaway

Where better to start? Her acting may be great, but there's something about her mousy off-screen personality that we just wanna pounce on. Especially after all of her jokes fell flat at the Golden Globes, we've all wanted to give the little sh*t a nice left-hook.

Jaden Smith

You aren’t and never will be your father. This will not be a Simba and Mufasa story where you eventually become the king of Pride-Rock. Go do something else with your life. If anything, give the spotlight back to Willow. We miss her whipping her hair back and forth.

 Bruno Mars

Write one more song about how much you love women and how perfect they are, I dare you! Makes us all sick! The biggest goody-two-shoes in the industry can use a little toughening up. If you can catch a grenade, you can take a punch!

Ryan Seacrest

It's all your fault, Ryan. So much in this world is just all your fault. Ever since you coined your little "after the break" and "Seacrest out!" phrases on "American Idol" and  your creation of the Kardashians, you've caused this world more misery and pain than the Bubonic Plague.

Dr. Phil

Ever since the first time we saw this giant bald-headed mustache, we thought we wanted to punch him. Then we heard him talk, and we knew we wanted to.

Dwight Howard

It's amazing how one player can go from "Superman" to arguably the most hated player in the league. No Dwight, you're not a winner, you're a giant baby. The wider he smiles, the more we all just want to load up and punch him square in his big white teeth...then run!

Justin Bieber

Arguably the biggest little prick in the game, Justin Bieber deserves multiple punches to the face. From being a sweet little kid we all rooted for, to a complete douche who pisses in buckets and screams out "F*ck Bill Clinton," someone needs a major reality check. Blame Canada!

Andy Cohen

The guy has practically made a living off middle-age crazy white bitches fighting. Every boyfriend in America has, at one time or another, had the displeasure of having to sit through an episode of one of his riveting recaps, and wanted to practically charge the TV with their fists.

North West

Naturally, as human beings, we want to punch both Kanye and Kim repeatedly in the face; so why not take a shot at their offspring while we’re at it too!? She's been alive for less than a month and she's already an attention whore! I'm not one to punch a baby, but North might be the exception.

Amanda Bynes

Ugh, we get it, you’re a crazy person. Focus less on your nose and your Twitter account and more on your career. How did the sweet little girl from “Ask Ashley” turn into such a crazy, demented Barbie doll? She'd probably enjoy a punch to the face anyway -- she can get more plastic surgery!

Tyler Perry

Punching Tyler Perry would make for a great video. We could call it: "Tyler Perry’s Killing Of Tyler Perry Featuring Tyler Perry."

Robert Pattinson

Who wouldn't want to punch this little bitch vampire in the chiseled face? We can't ever understand a word you're saying and your girlfriend cheated on you! It's time for a nice punching!

Steve Harvey

The sole reason I hate riding in NYC taxi cabs is the 30-second clips from "The Steve Harvey Show." Man, this guy is the opposite of funny!

 Chris Bosh

He acts like he's part of the Big Three, but we all know it's more like 'Two and a Half Men.' Every time he opens his creepy, funny looking face and lets out one of his strange roars, I want to throw a harpoon through his back. I guess I'd just settle for a punch in the face though.

Justin Long

How he was ever picked to be the "cool Mac" guy on those Apple commercials is something I'll never understand. As the biggest dweeb/least funniest guy in Hollywood, it's only natural we'd all want to whack him in the face. Sure, "Accepted" was a great movie, but he's not Bartleby Gaines, he's a punchable little nerd!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown's not really one we're dying to punch, but it would be nice to see him on the other side of a beating for once! We got your back Rih Rih!

Taylor Swift

We, are never ever ever ever not going to want to punch you in the face. “This one broke my heart, I should have known this, blah blah blah I’m a dirty tramp!” Just shut the f*ck up already.

Tom Brady

Who doesn't want to punch Mr. Perfect in the face? Enough said.

Honey Boo Boo

Oh, don't complain. She's not a kid, she's an animal. How something like this could become so famous is beyond my realm of understanding. We have a snack for you Honey Boo Boo, it's called a knuckle sandwich!


Ever since the first season of "Jersey Shore," people across the world have wanted to knock Snooki's lights out. Snooki want smoosh smoosh!

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon has done three good things in his life, 1) "Drumline," 2) "Gigolo" 3) "Wild 'n Out". Otherwise, he’s one of the most cringe-worthy celebrities whose face is beyond ripe for a nice punch. It's ironic such a talent-less guy hosts "America's Got Talent."

Mel Gibson

Unless you too are a bigot, racist, anti-Semitic bastard, you want to punch Mel Gibson too. He was very likable in "What Women Want," but otherwise, we all just want to hit him.

Paula Deen

Not much explanation needed here. I wonder if she bleeds butter though...

Betty White

What?? Aren’t you just curious to see what would happen? Too far? Okay fine, we don’t have to punch her. We’ll just nudge her. Poke!

Progressive Girl "Flo"

The QUEEN of people you want to punch in the face, there is no company I hate more than Progressive for the sole reason that they continue having Flo as their spokesperson. Never in the history of created content has there ever been anyone less funny and more punchable than Flo. If a genie granted me three wishes, I would 1) end world hunger 2) bring world peace 3) repeatedly punch Flo in the face.

Photo credit: WENN