13 Headlines We'll Probably See After The Oscars This Weekend (Photos)

The 87th Academy Awards are on Sunday, and I predict there will be at least a couple of upsets, an outfit everyone will laugh at and a-somewhat-entertaining moment that goes viral before people get sick of talking about it three days later.

I'll admit I'm not exactly going out on a limb when it comes of the list of things I think are going to happen, largely because every single one of those things happens every single year.

There are a few specific things, however, I think are a lot more likely to happen at the 2015 Oscars than any other years, and while I can't promise we'll see any of the stuff below, I can promise the show will be a lot more entertaining if we do.

She was wearing Mattel.

Kim Kardashian didn't have all of Tumblr on her side.

She might not be hosting this year, but why pass up such a golden opportunity?

He would have been better off saying "Adele Dazeem" again.

Some headlines are easier to predict than others...

Especially this year.

It's kind of like how I left the theater when I found out "Birdman" wasn't the biopic I was expecting.

It's like a cheat code for the Academy Awards -- at least it's supposed to be.

Never forget. You know Leo hasn't.

Who are we to argue with the guy who lists each new installment of "The Fast and the Furious" series as his favorite movie?

Almost everybody does it, but nobody really talks about it.

"Boyhood" is redefining Hollywood in every way it can.

Maybe one day, fan boys. Maybe one day.