10 People Reveal The Most Awkward Conversations They've Had With Their Parents

Growing up is, by definition, an awkward time. Now that I'm 23, I can look back on all of the embarrassment and laugh, but at the time, every day seemed like a fresh hell.

Fortunately, we've all been there. Sex talks with mom and dad? Check. Getting walked in on while hooking up? Check.

It's almost like, if those things didn't happen to you, you didn't experience adolescence to the fullest.

Still, some awkward moments are worse than others — and these moments, shared by 10 brave Redditors, are undoubtedly the worst of the worst.

Check them out below and feel glad you're not one of these poor souls (and if one of these is you, well, I'm sorry).

1. Let's just jump right in with this horrifying scenario.

2. "I will end you."


4. Well, uh...

5. Clueless parents are the best.

6. That's OK; I was conceived on New Year's Eve -- aka, I am most definitely a mistake.

7. WHY would you do that, though?

8. My ears are actually burning.

9. When the parents are the ones getting caught...

10. And this, which I imagine has probably happened to every teenage boy ever...