Victoria Moore

She's absolutely stunning and her name is Victoria Moore, an internationally published model from the UK.

Fortunately for all of us, Victoria has graced many covers various well-known magazines with her ultra-sexy body and her innocent look.

She's only 21 so luckily for us, she won't be vanishing any time soon. We here at Elite have seen a lot of models and stunning beauties but we think Victoria might be one of our favorites!

Known for her curves and dark features, Victoria has a large following of loyal fans. Victoria won Playboys Miss April competition in 2010.

She looks familiar doesn't she? No, jackass, don't get too ahead of yourself. She wasn't your lousy one-night-stand from last night. Victoria has featured in: Playboy Magazine, Zoo, Nuts, #5, Maxim, UFC Magazine, FHM, Fighters Only, and Show magazine.

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