Ferrari Winter Driving Experience

There's nothing like being able to drive hand-built Ferrari. Actually, there might be...when you add snow to that equation. The Ferrari Winter Driving Experience is every car-lovers dream.

Being given a chance to take the AWD Ferrari FF out for a spin in the snow, we're sure this will be the best driving experience you've ever been able to encounter.

After all, it is a Ferrari! The first day of the program will point you in the direction of Steamboat Springs via private air transport for a day of training on an icy, snowy track while day two consists of a public road rally over mountains and beautiful canyon roads. At the end of the night, you'll be bunked in at the Little Nell Resort - luxurious, enough for you? We thought so.

Also included is a champagne reception, dinners, lunches, various photo packages, and memorabilia to take home.

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Tom Cooper | Elite.