Marija Mandic

Science Says You've Been Cleaning Your Contacts Wrong All Along

If you wear contacts, your life's about to get a little more complicated. This past August, the CDC announced in a press release that 99 percent of American contact-wearers are using them all wrong.

Armed with that shocking information, the American Chemical Society released a video Thursday that shows you how to properly clean and handle your contact lenses. Because if you don't, the consequences are pretty horrifying.

Be sure to take these precautionary measures when using contact lenses:

  1. Never, ever let water and contacts mix.
  2. Always let your contact case air dry when it's not being used.
  3. Store your contacts with clean, fresh solution every time you put them away.
  4. This is kind of a no-brainer, but always wash your hands before poking around in your eyes.

Watch the video below for the full recap of how to handle your contacts, along with the scientific explanation for why it's so important.

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