You Can Now Buy Your Very Own Daft Punk Helmet

There are no typos in the headline. It's true, you can now buy your very own Daft Punk helmet, and guess what -- it's exactly like having the real one. For just $500, you can order one from It comes complete with the LED marquee, a black balaclava to protect your neck, a tinted Lexan visor and a velcro strip that holds the marquee strip in place. The only downfall to this product is the fact that it can only be programmed via PC/Windows, not Mac.

Other than that, we're pretty sure these helmets should become their own form of currency around the world. They're pretty sick. If you need attire to go along with it, get a pair of chromed-out gloves. Unfortunately for all of us, Daft Punk's signature glowing pyramid does not come included with this purchase.

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