YOLO: 91-Year-Old Celebrates Her Birthday By Bungee Jumping Off A Bridge (Video)

How do you plan on celebrating your 91st birthday?

Sure, that might be far from now but is it a crime to start brainstorming?! Eventually, we'll all be that age and we'll have to figure out whether or not we want to just go to the community bingo hall for the fifth time that week.

That's why you might want to take some notes from your elders. Take Mary Manssen for instance -- this grandmother decided to celebrate her 91st birthday by taking a leap of faith by bungee jumping off of a bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand on April 23.

How does a 91 year-old feel about doing something so exhilarating and daring?

In a recent interview with New Zealand-based publication the Otago Daily Times, Manssen revealed,

'When I got out [on the jumping platform], you should have heard the roar of the people. It was just marvelous. I was determined I was going to do it, and I did it.

Despite the fact that this might seem like a breakthrough moment for Manssen, this isn't her first rodeo!

According to Mashable, she first started her bungee jumping career at age 84 and attempting the stunt again at age 91 was just for good measure. But why would she start doing these things so late in her life?

She told the Otago Daily Times,

My husband wouldn't let me do it before... since he died I've done everything -- I've been naughty.

So, how do you plan on celebrating your 91st birthday again?

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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