Pair Weed With Your Workout: 5 Activities And Complementary Strains

by Stoned Girls

It's a sad fact that even in the world of burgeoning legalization, people who smoke weed still have a bad reputation for being lazy, unproductive, out of shape and unhealthy.

In reality, marijuana complements exercise just as well as it does sex, food and just about everything else in the world. Because bucking these unfortunate stoner stereotypes is so important, here are a few choice exercises for the active pothead in all of us.


It might sound cliché, but stoned yoga really is the best yoga. In fact, in Colorado, you can take stoned yoga classes that specialize in the combination of marijuana and mindfulness.

We recommend pairing your stoned yoga sesh with a good indica like True OG. True OG originates from Southern California, where OG actually means “ocean grown.” It has taken second place for indica strains in the past six years at the High Times' Cannabis Cup.

True OG pairs well with stoned yoga because it will relax you, while giving you all of the focus you need to center both your body and your mind.


Once again, this may sound cliché at first, but hiking doesn't necessary have to pertain to the “granola hippie” stoners only.

Hiking can be an excellent workout, especially if you choose a tough path. For this, we recommend toking on Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is the lovechild of Trainwreck, which is another one of our personal favorites, and Hawaiian.

Pineapple Express is perfect for hiking because it's got a fruity, yet piney taste to it, and it will give you just enough energy to complete your hike, along with a substantial high to appreciate nature while you're experiencing it.


We're not talking a dip in the pool, here. We're talking about doing laps. Swimming is one of the best exercises for you, as it engages your whole body. And being stoned should only enhance your experience.

We recommend Power Plant for your power swim. It will give you a good, clear-headed buzz, so you can focus on your swimming instead of your pool noodles.

Power Plant packs a punch, though, so be careful not to overdo it.


Can you tell we're proponents of outdoor activities? Well, biking is perfect for the super energetic stoner. You can take in a lot of scenery while biking -- not to mention, it's easier to stop should you get the munchies.

As far as a biking bud is concerned, check out Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is a Tanzanian strain, known for the extreme energy it gives its smoker.

Bring some along with you, and there's nowhere you can't go.

Lifting Weights

If the outdoors just aren't your thing, but shirtless gym selfies are (we do not judge), this one's for you. Lifting weights is an important part of staying healthy, but that doesn't mean you can't use marijuana as a pre-workout.

For those of you on the bench press, before you lift, get lifted with Double Diesel. Double Diesel has an uplifting effect, but won't make you overly energetic to the point where you can't sit still.

It's a sativa, so it will keep you focused enough to make sure you don't skip leg day.

For those of you who are still concerned about the health consequences of smoking weed, please remember you can always ingest THC in other forms. In fact, there are some great organic, vegan, gluten-free and generally healthy edible recipes out there, which ensure you are putting nothing but familiar ingredients into your body.

On behalf of everyone here, we hope you stay high, happy and healthy.

This post was originally written for Stoned Girls.