Woody From 'Toy Story' Might Be The Most Interesting Toy In The World (Photos)


We're all familiar with what our favorite movie stars look like on the big screen and in the media.

But sometimes we forget celebs are still normal people, and just like everyone else, they have a life outside of work.

Recently, photographer Santlov set out to reveal the secret life of one of Hollywood's most beloved actors: Woody the Cowboy.

In his latest project, Santlov gives us a glimpse of what life is like for this famous Pixar celeb when the cameras stop rolling.

The visual series captures everything from Woody relaxing in a bubble bath and dressing up like Batman to simply knocking back a few beers and catching up on some adult reading before heading off to bed.

Santlov's imaginative photos of this star's downtime are pretty awesome and absolutely hilarious.

But most importantly, his photo series proves stars are normal people too, and when Woody isn't in the studio filming the next big "Toy Story" movie, hanging out with his best pal Andy or hitting up a red carpet premiere with Buzz, he's just your average good-looking action figure.

Take a look at the photos below to see the secret life of this "Toy Story" star.

After working hard all day...

...Woody likes to kick back and unwind with a glass of wine.

Or, if it's been a rough day, he'll have an entire bucket of beer.

When he's not making movies, he's just like every other beer-drinking, cigar-smoking Sheriff.

But he prefers sick kicks over cowboy boots and has a pretty serious Nike collection.

Like all movie stars, Woody isn't afraid to pamper himself once in a while.

And after a long day of filming, this cowboy loves taking a relaxing bubble bath.

When Woody isn't snapping some impressive food porn... can usually find him alone in his room with some real porn.

You might not know this, but this famous movie toy has many sides to him.

Woody is a big advocate of the arts.

He's a cultured celeb who likes hookah.

And he really wants to star in the next "Batman" film.

Woody is also really into photography (and himself).

And he's even working on a new project called the Rich Toys Of Instagram.

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