Woman Leads Her Boyfriend In Stunning Photos Of Their Travels In Asia


There's nothing better than having your soulmate by your side as you set off on grand adventures around the world.

About seven months ago, a 22-year-old photographer from Vancouver named Christian LeBlanc grabbed his girlfriend, Laura Reid, and set off on an epic trip throughout Asia.

LeBlanc snaps some incredible Instagram photos of their journey that show him holding onto his girlfriend's hand while she leads the way through different countries -- similar to Murad Osmann's "Follow Me To" series.

LeBlanc told BuzzFeed his project was, in fact, inspired by Osmann's work because, according to LeBlanc, his particular style of photography is "a more interesting way of sharing your experiences.”

Take a look at the pictures below to see LeBlanc's awesome photo series.

Meet Christian LeBlanc and his girlfriend, Laura Reid.

These 22-year-olds aren't your ordinary couple from Vancouver.

For the past seven months, these two love birds traveled across Asia...

...and captured some breathtaking photos along the way.

Their journey started in January when LeBlanc set off to study abroad in Bangkok...

...and Reid joined him shortly after in March.

Since then, these two have explored 10 different countries.

LeBlanc always has his camera in one hand and his girlfriend's hand in the other.

He trails behind her and snaps photos of all their exciting adventures.

LeBlanc told BuzzFeed, “We have had awesome experiences like swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines, going to the full moon party in Thailand, and we even drank 'cat poo coffee' in Bali.”

Out of all the pictures from their trip, LeBlanc revealed his favorite is the one of them swimming with sea turtles on Apo Island in the Philippines.

Aside from inspiring others to find their senses of adventure...

...LeBlanc wants to use his project as a way to show others traveling the world isn't just for rich people.

He said, “Many people love the photos as it inspires them to travel the world. But it also has led to many people commenting that a trip like this is only for the rich."

LeBlanc continued, "This isn't true. It definitely takes a little sacrifice, but it is worth every penny."

No matter where life takes these two, you can be sure Reid will always be leading the way.

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