The Famous Hand-Holding Couple Of Instagram Is Back With New Adventures Around The World (Photos)

The couple that plans to travel the entire world is back with another amazing photo collection. Photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend are known for being anywhere but home and having the photos to prove it. Osmann takes photos of his girlfriend facing where they are, but never shows their faces in any of the photos.

The project is called "Follow Me To." Destinations in the latest edition include Monaco, the Versace mansion in Miami and the Crystal Palace in Madrid. Check out the photos below.

Eze, France

Corrida, Spain

Times Square, NYC

Kings Cross Station, London

Crystal Palace, Madrid, Spain

Alhambra, Granada

Benidorm, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Central Park, NYC

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


Leandro Erlich Installation, East London

Versace Mansion, Miami, Florida

Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

H/T: WhuDat, Photos courtesy of Instagram/Murad Osmann