Woman Gives People's Lost Items A Voice With Clever Tiny Signs (Photos)

People lose things during their commutes every day.

Whether it's your house keys, your wallet or just the fourth Chapstick you've purchased that week, we've all been there. But what happens to all of the things we lose on the street or leave behind in taxi cabs?

If it's not your wallet or iPhone, it probably hasn't found a new home.

In a recent series called Little Lost Project by Yoonjin Lee, the New York-based artist and designer collects all of the lost things she finds on the streets of New York and gives them a voice. How? Simply by giving each one an expressive cardboard sign to hold up.

In a description of the series on her site, Lee explains,

Losing your phone can ruin your day for sure but how about losing your favorite lip balm that you always keep in your pocket? It is definitely annoying but you can easily buy a new one. Ever wonder where and what these little objects are doing now?

Check out the photos below for a closer look at project as well as a video at the bottom.

If you've ever lost a lighter, you can relate to this one:

Losing sunglasses could be bad for you but good for the glasses, if you happen to lose them at the beach:

The cool thing about umbrellas is they know not to take it personally -- let's face it, no one actually wants to forget an umbrella:

The case of the lost gloves:

That bottle of Pellegrino you left behind? It belongs in a fridge, not on a park bench in the middle of nowhere:

Despite the fact that this hair tie's owner will just go find another one to replace it, losing this could change the course of your day:

The only optimistic lost item is the MetroCard in New York City. People throw these things around like rag dolls on a daily basis:

Check out the video below to see how Lee did it:

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