Epic Photo Series Shows This Woman's Impressive 150-Pound Weight Loss

Shedding some serious pounds can make you look and feel like an entirely new person.

Case in point: Beth Beard.

After Beth made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery, she wanted to create a series of photos to celebrate her drastic body transformation.

So, she teamed up with photographer Blake Morrow and together, they set out to create a playful photo series called "The Beth Project." The creative project brought together pictures of Beth before and after her surgery.

Thanks to the powers of Photoshop, they were able to combine both Beths into a variety of interactive scenes showing how much weight Beth lost.

Although they used photo editing to create these awesome images, no Photoshop was used to alter Beth's body.

According to Beth,

The weight has come off by a complete lifestyle change including diet and exercise, there's no way around that. I had taken myself almost to a point of no return and I knew I needed to make a radical shift. Since the surgery I've taken up cycle commuting every day and roller derby.

Beth is certainly an inspiration to all, and her transformation proves you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

You go, girl!

Meet Beth Beard.

While it may look like there are two different people posing in these photos...

...both of the women are actually Beth.

One is the "new," smaller Beth, and the other is the "old," overweight Beth.

After Beth made the decision to drop the extra pounds...

...she teamed up with Blake Morrow to create a fun before-and-after photo series.

The "old Beth" was photographed a few weeks before she began her weight loss journey...

...and the "new Beth" photos were taken two years later.

Photoshop was used to combine both Beths into a single frame.

It's amazing to see how much Beth changed in such a short time.

According to Beth, "I'm hoping the images show that people on both sides of the spectrum can love themselves."

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