This Woman's Insane Pumpkin Pie Looks Just Like A Princess's Carriage (Photos)

If you thought your grandma's pumpkin pie was pretty impressive, just wait.

A while back, we introduced you to Christine McConnell, the beautiful self-taught baker who creates all sorts of gothic goodies.

Well, those creepy cakes aren't the only things coming out of McConnell's kitchen these days.

In honor of Thanksgiving, McConnell decided to put her baking skills to the test by putting a "Cinderella"-inspired spin on everyone's favorite pumpkin dessert.

That's right. McConnell just proved she is the fairy godmother of baking by creating the most epic pumpkin pie of all time.

McConnell really outdid herself this time, and this sweet Thanksgiving treat is definitely the best-looking dessert in the kingdom.

Take a look at the pictures below to see her awesome pumpkin pie.

When it comes to whipping up some insane, over-the-top sweets, Christine McConnell definitely takes the cake...

...or in this case, pie. Pumpkin pie, to be exact.

Recently, McConnell decided to put a fairytale spin on everyone's favorite Thanksgiving dessert, and with a wave of her enchanted spatula, she turned some scraps of dough...


...and a bit of pumpkin into a magnificent carriage-shaped confection that would impress the likes of even Cinderella herself.