Here's What Winter Looks Like On Instagram Vs. What It's Really Like

by Gillian Fuller

Like salads and high heels, winter is far better in theory than it is in reality.

It's impossible to deny the beauty of glittering, snow-covered fields or bare branches covered in glassy ice, and on Instagram, these seasonal gifts are heavily exploited.

During the cooler months, it's nearly impossible to scroll through the app without stumbling upon a snapshot of some magical winter wonderland.

But, in reality, these vistas are best enjoyed from a distance, where the frost can't bite you and the cold wind can't whip you.

Need proof? Take a look below.

Instagram: conquerer of the slopes

Reality: conquered by the slopes

Instagram: pristine, snow-covered winding roads

Reality: dirty, mud-colored sludge mounds

Instagram: gracefully gliding on the ice

Reality: bruises all over

Instagram: icicles on your roof make your house look like something out of a fairytale

Reality: snot-sicles make you look like something out of a horror story

Instagram: well-dressed in your winter best

Reality: dressed for the weather

Instagram: storybook snowman

Reality: homicidal ice creature

Instagram: wintertime goddess

Reality: hot mess

Instagram: snowball fights with friends

Reality: literally never going outside again