Best Invention Ever: Wine Glasses Don't Spill Even When Tipped Over

by Gillian Fuller

If you've ever been the victim of a red wine stain, you know that there are few things quite as brutal.

Just in time for the holiday season -- a period of much merry boozing -- designers Christopher Yamane and Matthew Johnson of SUPERDUPERSTUDIO sought to minimize the spill factor of the traditional wine glass by rethinking the classic delicate design in favor of something more sturdy.

By cleverly tweaking the shape and nixing the stem and base, the designers invented a spill-proof goblet called the Saturn Glass.

The reimagined wine glass boasts a curved edge; when knocked over, the glass rests on this secondary base rather than tipping onto its side.

The hand-blown cups took four years to design and perfect, but this time was well spent. The resulting product is both beautiful and functional.

Stock up before hosting your next party, and you'll never waste your precious Merlot on a spill again.

Check out the commercial up top to see the glass in action.

The clever design ensures the glass can't be tipped over.

The rounded base allows for the glass to rest at any angle.

The Saturn Glass is both hand-blown and hand-polished.

Bonus: They're stackable, which makes for easy storage.

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