This Wild Chair Is The Size And Shape Of A Real-Life Hippopotamus (Photos)

We all know what it's like to have an elephant in the room.

But have you ever wondered what your home would look like if it were invaded by a bunch of animals you could actually see?

Recently, Spanish designer Maximo Riera set out to create a wild new collection of Animal Chairs that essentially turn your boring old living room into a safari scene bursting with life.

But his latest edition to the series might be the most badass piece of furniture we've ever laid eyes on.

Behold, the Hippopotamus Chair.

Just as the name suggests, this awesome piece of furniture is a couch actually shaped like a real, life-size version of your beloved hungry hippo, and this colossal, $95,000 chair is really going to make a splash in the home decor department.

Similar to some of Riera's other designs, this luxe hippo chair is finished with an all-black opulent style and features some incredibly realistic detailing.

Seriously, you might want to warn the maid that this thing is a couch and not a zoo creature.

Reira's hippo chair looks absolutely amazing, and luckily, these big boys seem a lot more friendly in furniture form than they do when they're chasing you behind a speedboat.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Riera's newest chair along with some of his other crazy furniture creations.

This may look like your average safari animal.

But this big hippo is actually a badass chair.

The detail on the Hippopotamus Chair is pretty incredible.

Riera is certainly no stranger to creating some wild furniture designs.

He's even made a pretty insane piece inspired by "Pirates of the Caribbean."

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