Whole Foods Is Going To Start Selling Jell-O Shots, So Life Is Complete (Photos)

Looking to spice up your next pregame without applying too much effort?

What if we told you all you had to do is find the nearest Whole Foods Market?

According to Bustle, a New York and Los Angeles-based company called Ludlows Cocktail Co. is teaming up with Whole Foods to create pre-made Jell-O shots.

When life gives you Jell-O, infuse it with the good stuff!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Behold: Ludlows Jelly Shots. These pre-made, jiggly bursts of booze will be sold at Whole Foods stores.

Thanks to Ludlows Cocktails Co., you can now indulge in Jell-O shots without having to deal with the time-consuming process of actually making them.

Flavors include Moscow Mule...

Fresh Lime Margarita...

...Planter's Punch and more!

The 30-proof Jelly Shots are currently sold at select California-based Whole Foods locations, but (hopefully) it won't be too long until they're available nationwide.

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