If You've Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Get Shot, Watch This

Action movies are the best movies. There's a clear protagonist and antagonist. Weapons heat up the most intense scenes, leaving you on the edge of your seat to see who will prevail; high-speed chases get your heart pumping, and the plot never ends with the good guy losing.

But during all that violence, have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself the target of one of those weapons? In other words, how f*cking bad must it hurt to get shot?

To answer your most burning question that you'd never actually hope to physically find out the answer to, the team over at Brit Lab conducted a little experiment. Pig's flesh, which is anatomically quite similar to that of humans, is used to demonstrate what it's really like when a 900 mph bullet is sent through a person's body.

In slow motion, the bullet rips through the pig's flesh, splattering fat and shredding the skin open before it leaves the body on the other side. A bullet entering and leaving a human body is usually called a clean exit -- pretty ironic considering all the ripping, mutilating and bleeding going on.

The Brit Lab team then conducts the same experiment on a block of ballistics gel developed by scientists to represent human tissue. The transparent gel shows exactly what kind of damage the bullet does to the inside of a human body, which looks a lot like Moses parting the Red Sea.

The momentum of the 900 mph bullet transfers to the "flesh" and ultimately creates a canal through which it travels, which results in some pretty gnarly internal damage.

The team then tests out the strength of police equipment, like bulletproof vests and ceramic face plates. But you'll have to watch the video up top to see how such protection stands up to different types of firearms.

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