The Reason This Amazing Wedding Photo Went Viral Will Warm Your Heart

Another day, another breathtaking wedding photo gone viral!

Newlywed Ingrid Wood grew up on a 16,000-acre beef operation farm. A week before her wedding, her family was in a tough position and decided to sell all of the farm's cattle.

According to Huffington Post, Western Queensland, where the farm is located, was affected by a drought, causing the farm to exist in an unstable environment for a while now.

Because of her love of the place, Uebergang had the idea to shoot her wedding photos on the property with the help of photographer Edwina Robertson.

In a recent interview with Queensland Country Life, the bride revealed,

Blackall is a pretty important place for me. I've grown up there my whole life. It's such a beautiful place as well even in the middle of a drought, it really comes alive... And I was really hoping it would rain.

After Robertson captured the breathtaking wedding photos for the bride and groom, she shared one of them on Facebook, offering to give money to the Tie Up The Black Dog Committee every time the photo was shared.

The rest is history!

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, photographer Edwina Robertson elaborated on the photo's success. She said,

Having a visualization with a story helped people connect with it much more and I feel it wasn't just all about doom and gloom. Everyone loves a feel-good story and this had [that] incorporated as well. Everyone involved in this story benefits out of it so it's wonderful that so many people have seen this!

So, there you have it. These beautifully-shot wedding photos are great to look at and are also helping the world one Facebook share at a time!

Check them out below for a closer look.

Behold, the most recent wedding photo to break the Internet.

But, this photo didn't go viral for the typical reason a photo usually catches fire on the Web.

A week before Ingrid and Ross Uebergang got married, Ingrid's family had to sell all the cattle on the farm she grew up on.

The farm, located within the Australian Outback, was plagued by the drought-ridden conditions in Western Queensland.

The bride teamed up with photographer Edwina Robertson to shoot her wedding photos on the farm.

After Robertson posted this single photo to her Facebook page, she mentioned the Tie Up The Black Dog Committee, an organization dedicated to helping those in drought-ridden areas around Australia.

The photographer vowed to donate $3 to the organization for every Facebook share the photo received.

Suddenly, Uebergang's collection of wedding photos taken on her farm was used to uplift the affected communities living in similar conditions.

Now, that's a happy ending!

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