This Site Has All Of DJ Khaled's Inspirational Quotes, And It's Amazing (Photos)

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When it comes to the best celeb Snapchats around, DJ Khaled is definitely slaying the social media scene.

No, really, this dude's Snapchat game is strong AF, and if you're not watching his daily accounts of how to achieve greatness, you should probably reevaluate your life choices because you are seriously missing out on some good sh*t.

Yep, if you ask me, Khaled might be one of the most entertaining, not to mention, inspiring celebs on all of social media.

It's no secret DJ Khaled has all sorts of useful advice for his social media followers -- from using lots of cocoa butter and shrugging off his haters to acknowledging his blessings and enlightening us all with his keys to success.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before someone took all of Khaled's amazing Snapchat stories and turned them into a series of epic inspirational quotes.

That's right. Someone actually made a website, called They Don't Want You To Win, displaying all of Khaled's keys to living life like a boss. It even has a button on the bottom to cleverly bring you to "another one" of his awesome Snapchat quotes.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this hilarious website full of motivational DJ Khaled quotes.

Someone turned DJ Khaled's Snapchat stories into inspirational quotes, and they are pretty f*cking amazing.

This compilation of Khaled's quotes displays all of his advice on becoming successful...

...and just living life like a damn G.

Khaled knows all the keys to success...

Like using lots of cocoa butter...

Keeping your head above water...

Giving your hedges a haircut...

Showing the haters they can't bring you down...

...and eating lots of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, of course.

In addition to keys, Khaled also reminds us all to acknowledge our blessings because, let's face it, there "ain't nothing like bamboo."

Sometimes, you just gotta bless up your breakfast.

Khaled always keeps it real. He keeps it so real, he has to put the flash on.

He never has time for the haters because he's too busy getting money...

...and getting lost at sea on his Jet Ski.

Another one.