Watch This Chef Transform A Big Mac Into A Delicious Sushi Roll (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

The Internet has truly revolutionized the world. It has not only brought us closer together as a human race, but it has also allowed us to share news at lightning speed, find old friends on social media, watch any media we want and, oh yeah, learn how to make a sushi roll out of a Big Mac.

In this video, Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada uses his expertise as a sushi guru to create a new and never-before-seen sushi variety he calls, the "Big Mac Sushi Roll."

Chef Terada takes a standard McDonald's Big Mac and adds tomato, avocado, BBQ sauce and spicy mayo to transform the low-brow fast-food standard into an artful and inventive (and probably strangely delicious) fine dining masterpiece.

According to the certified sushi star, this video, and the burger creation, has been a long time coming. The Big Mac roll is “one of the most requested rolls ever” from fans of his instructional YouTube cooking channel, Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef.

Between this, the Uma Temakeria's sushi burrito and the Cook With Meat's BBQ bacon sushi roll, we've officially seen it all.

Go home, Internet. You're drunk.

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