Best Breakfast Ever: Waffle Biscuits Stuffed With Eggs, Cheese And Bacon

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important, not to mention, most delicious meal of the day.

There's nothing better than waking up and chowing down on the french toast you dreamed about all night long or kicking back with a big-ass bowl of Cap'n Crunch as you watch cartoons in your underwear.

But unfortunately, our hectic schedules rarely give us the time to sit down and enjoy breakfast.

Until now, that is.

If you've been settling for a mediocre slice of toast or a granola bar before rushing to work every morning, I have some good news for you.

Peep My Eats just answered all of your portable breakfast prayers by creating a quick and convenient dish that covers all of your breakfast food bases.

That's right, you can now kill all morning cravings with one stone, or in this case, snack, since waffle biscuits stuffed with bacon, eggs and cheese are now a real thing, and they look freakin' delicious.

Peep My Eats was nice enough to post step-by-step recipe directions, and these things look ridiculously easy to make.

So now you really have no excuse to leave the house with a sh*tty smoothie ever again.

Your mornings are about to get a whole lot more delicious...

...because Peep My Eats just created waffle biscuits stuffed with bacon, eggs and cheese.

To start your day with this scrumptious snack, you'll need to scramble two eggs and fry up some bacon. Then, take a piece of instant biscuit dough...

Peep My Eats

Pile on some scrambled eggs...

Peep My Eats

Followed by a handful of bacon...

Peep My Eats

...and lots of cheese, of course.

Peep My Eats

Then, add another piece of instant biscuit dough on top to seal all those delicious goodies inside.

Peep My Eats

Throw it in the waffle maker, and within minutes you'll have a delectable stuffed waffle biscuit just waiting to be devoured.

Peep My Eats

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