This Ultra-Rich Guy Wants To Be Crowned The Next King Of Instagram (Photos)


Since 2010, Instagram has been a hotbed for the rich who shamelessly flaunt their lavish lifestyles.

It started with random douchebags from around the world giving their other rich friends a glimpse into their daily lives. Not too long after, the #RichKidsofInstagram hashtag was born. It became a narcissistic sanctuary for rich kids everywhere.

But that soon got boring, so we decided to create the Rich Dogs of Instagram because it's more fun to look at, and you don't feel like too much of a peasant as you scroll through the feed. But then Dan Bilzerian came along and decided to crown himself the "King of Instagram." And rightfully so.

I mean, how many people do you know who have singlehandedly made every man in America jealous by constantly surrounding himself with gorgeous models, luxurious cars, military-grade firearms and exotic animals you can't pronounce? Not many.

For months, Bilzerian has held the title, and there hasn't been another rich scumbag around to take it from him -- until now.

Meet Tony Toutouni, a billionaire entrepreneur who's managed to rack up over 700,000 Instagram followers in a short amount of time. Now, he's still a long ways off from Bilzerian's eight million followers, but if he keeps up what he's doing, he might get there.

Toutouni's account is the Instagram feed you hate to love. Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Does he have what it takes?

Meet Tony Toutouni, a billionaire who's been showcasing his lavish life on Instagram for everyone to be jealous of.

But can you blame him? He has it all. From helicopters and luxury cars... custom motorcycles and topless models.

If you're not at least a little bit jealous at this point, you have tough skin! Especially when Toutouni's house looks like this a lot of the time:

Toutouni is looking to be crowned the new King of Instagram. This is who he's up against:

In order to take over, he'll have to be richer and ruder. For him, that's probably not too difficult:

The funniest part is, he's really good friends with Bilzerian (yes, that's Steve Aoki)...

...and Floyd Mayweather...

...and Russell Simmons.

Regardless of how many well-connected people he knows, money comes first. Even in bed:

Despite how fun being a billionaire might be, it's hard work. I mean, coming up with Instagram picture ideas isn't easy:

Not to mention, it's costly:

But, judging by the consistent middle finger, Toutouni doesn't give a f*ck:

Not. One. Single. Bit.

Not even his personal chef gives a f*ck:

The only time he's not flipping off the peasants is when he's showing off supercars and a watch that costs the same price as a house:

Besides that, nope. Not even when he's romantically overlooking Los Angeles with his "ride or die" from his Rolls-Royce:

If he ever did decide to give one, he'd have to clear it with his executive board:

Until then, he'll just keep proving himself as the King of Instagram by flaunting his money, women and toys like these guns...

...and this jet ski...

...and this three-wheeler...

...and this live chicken.

So what do you think? Does Tony Toutouni have what it takes to be crowned the new King of Instagram? His bodyguard says "yes":

We'll just have to wait and see where he goes from here.

Until next time...!

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