The 'Rich Dogs Of Instagram' Live More Glamorous Lives Than You Do (Photos)


After seeing some of the insane photos posted by The Rich Kids of Instagram, it's pretty hard not to daydream about their designer-dripping, diamond-encrusted luxe lifestyles.

Remember when we showed you the low-budget version of their over-the-top Instagram account made by some clever Romanian kids?

Well, seeing the monetary gap between the real-deal rich kids compared to all those balling on a budget really got me thinking about the relationship between money and happiness.

While those crafty Romanian re-creations kind of prove money isn't always everything, those trust fund babies made me realize that life looks a lot more epic through the window of a private jet.

But at the same time, seeing all of that frivolously spent money made me feel like I needed to do something to make the world a better place.

Therefore, I did the most logical thing I could think of: I set out to find the most badass dogs on the planet and put them all on one hilarious Instagram account for your viewing pleasure.

You're welcome.

The Rich Dogs Of Instagram reveals what it's like to live the ultra-luxe lifestyle of the puppy 1 percent. Seriously, these dogs are straight up dripping in diamonds, designer labels and Dom P.

Whether these hounds are hopping on their private jets, sipping some vintage bubbly or taking their shiny new Ferraris out for a spin, there's one thing you can be pretty sure of: These pups live more privileged lives than most people.

Not to mention, their insane photos prove they flex harder than any other pet in the animal kingdom.

Take a look at the pictures below to see The Rich Dogs Of Instagram.

A doggie diva is the female version of a hound hustla. #doggystyle

Get like me. #TrustFundPuppy

You can't race with us.

Yorkie yacht life, ya dig?

You are what you eat, and this rich pup has expensive taste.

It's not easy being this fabulous all the time.

I'm in love with da Coco.

Rich bitches only wear red bottoms.

Coach? No. I only fly private.

Dom P facials can only mean one thing: K9 Kirill was here.

Forget chew toys, rich dogs only play with real toys.

Sometimes your own fur just isn't enough. #SorryNotSorry

Who wants to play a game of Hermes hide-and-seek?

Privileged pups need their mutt-manis and paw-pedi's on the reg.

Just sunbathing on Swan Lake.

Can't see the hound haters with my Ray-Bans on.

Time for an equestrian lesson. Giddy up, bitches.

I woke up like this. #cashflowflawless

And it's not even my birthday.

Forget first class, this mile-high hound only flies private.

Shout out to Kim K for organizing my canine closet.

The new woof whip is bad to the bone.

I didn't choose the limo life, it chose me.

Nighty night, don't let the Benjamins bite.