Uber Just Released A New Feature Allowing Users To Track Family Members


Ever wish you could track the whereabouts of your family members using your iPhone? Uber just granted that wish.

According to Mashable, the on-demand car service just released a new feature allowing app users to create Family Profiles and link sub-accounts to one primary account, which gets billed for all rides.

In addition to offering this new feature, there is also a Trip Tracker that allows users to track the rides of other family members linked to the account in real-time.

The new components were added to the app as part of Uber's way of keeping its loyal customers safe. Rider safety has been a huge concern throughout the company's existence and this is one step toward fixing that problem.

The way it works is simple: You'll be notified when a family member requests an Uber ride. You'll then have the option to track the ride and follow the navigation on the map. It's a piece of cake!

Keep in mind, those linked to your account don't have to be your family members. Everyone just has to be OK with all the Uber rides being billed to one credit card.

The new features were initially launched in the United States before making its way to more than 60 additional markets.  The city of Los Angeles currently has the most users using the new Family Profiles feature, according to TechCrunch.

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