17 Dogs That Will Make You Question If Yours Really Is The Cutest


Every dog owner thinks he or she has the cutest pup on the face of the planet.

Yep, as a proud dog owner, I can attest to the fact being a doggy parent basically means you're obligated to think your precious pooch is better than every other dog out there, no matter how many times it poops in the living room or chews on your prized Chanel bag.

If we ever had to rate our own dogs, I'm pretty sure they would all score a 10 out of 10 because let's be real: We tend to look at our flawless little fur babies through rose-tinted glasses.

But have you ever wondered how your dog would be rated if it was scrutinized by a third party?

Well, then today happens to your lucky day.

There's a Twitter account called WeRateDogs that does just that, and as you can imagine, these rover ratings are doggone hilarious.

We did a photo roundup from this account a few months back, but we're still obsessing over these adorable pooches.

And if you're looking to see how you dog stacks up to the canine competition, you'll be glad to know getting your dog rated is relatively simple.

All you have to do is direct message the account a picture of your dog, and then it'll give your furry BFF a score from one to 10, along with a comical explanation as to how it came up with that rating.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this entertaining Twitter account:

There's a Twitter account called We Rate Dogs...

...that will give your prized pooch a hilarious rating.

Apparently, pups get extra points for things like canine clinginess...

Following directions...

Helping out around the house...

...and puppy pouting abilities.

The judges are super impressed with heroic hounds that use their paws to perform chest compressions.

Not to mention, they love supercanine species that manage to be two different dogs at the same damn time.

We Rate Dogs tends to have a soft spot for pups that know the struggle of being lazy AF...

Hounds that have no shame hiding from their problems...

Dogs that know nothing about the mess in the living room...

...and mutts that somehow open the front facing camera without opposable thumbs.

Sometimes, they'll even rate things that aren't even dogs, like this rare woofing walrus...

...and this prehistoric puppy imposter.

Unfortunately, We Rate Dogs will detract points for doggy drug users...

...and mutts that just can't seem to get their shit together.

But don't worry, most of the time, they'll at least give your dog an A for effort.

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