This Triple-Decker Commercial Plane Might Be The Future Of Air Travel (Photos)

If you've ever wondered what a triple-decker airplane would look like, you can finally put your imagination to rest.

Thanks to designer Oscar Viñals, we now have a better idea. His prototype is called the AWWA Progress Eagle, and it's a commercial eco-jet that needs six hydrogen fuel energy engines just to get off the ground. That's a lot of power.

Aside from being ridiculously massive, the AWWA also apparently generates 75 percent less noise than the commercial aircrafts that grace our blue skies today, according to Design Boom.

That's pretty impressive for a triple-decker airplane with enough room to comfortably hold up to 800 passengers!

According to Oscar Viñals, this is what air travel in 2030 could look like -- and it's awesome.

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Feast your eyes on the AWWA Progress Eagle -- a triple-decker aircraft.

The AWWA was designed by Oscar Viñals, a Barcelona-based designer.

In order for this hefty aircraft to get off the ground, it needs the power of six hydrogen fuel energy engines.

Despite that, it produces 75 percent less noise than aircrafts today.

It also has the ability to comfortably accommodate up to 800 passengers. That's a lot!

The AWWA features extremely slim wings, which stretch a combined total of about 315 feet.

Despite how massive this plane is, it's made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, ceramic and alloy.

Viñals' concept is an early prediction of what air travel in 2030 could look like.

Check out the video below for a closer look: