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Guess How Many Calories Were In The Trendiest Foods Of 2015

Google's most-searched calorie counts for trendy food and drinks in 2015 revealed a couple things: We want to know how unhealthy certain foods are so we know how guilty we should feel when we go ahead and eat them anyway.

Kudos to everyone trying to get an education in nutrition, though.

The USDA recommends adults get between 1,600 to 3,000 calories a day, which adds up pretty quickly if you're downing frappuccinos and bacon-wrapped anything.

But if a Google search can tell you anything, it's that moderation is key.

Here are the most surprising calorie counts for 2015's trendiest food and drinks.

Hollandaise Sauce, 30 calories per 1 tablespoon

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Thirty calories for a good scoopful of buttery goodness? That doesn't sound bad at all.

Coney Island Hard Root Beer, 180 calories per 12 oz. bottle

Coney Island Brewing Co.

With a healthy dose of alcohol, this root beer does double duty, making it totally worth the calories in my opinion.

Starbucks Birthday Cake Frappuccino, 280 calories in a tall size

Whether you eat your cake or drink it, birthday calories don't count.

Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish, 450 calories per slice

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OK, just found out this is a thing. Is there any way to make it more unhealthy for you? Has anyone tried to fry it?

With only 450 calories a slice, we've got room to spare.

Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus Spritz, 222 calories a can

Monarch Beverage Company

For spritzer in a can, you might think you'd take in fewer calories than a Guinness. But YOLO, am I right??

Starbucks Toasted Graham Latte, 300 for a grande


In 2015, Starbucks unveiled its first new holiday flavor in years. While it wasn't as big of a hit as the famous PSL, there are worse ways to spend those 300 calories. Plus, it came in a really festive cup.

For the complete list of calorie counts, head to Business Insider.

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