This Guy Is So Insanely Talented At Skateboarding It's Actually Hilarious


Meet Richie Jackson. He's a dude with a sick mustache and a '70s vibe from New Zealand -- oh, and he's an insanely talented skateboarder.

Dubbed the "Salvador Dali of skateboarding" for his copycat mustache, Jackson practices a freestyle technique that shirks technical tricks. His creative moves use the surrounding environment for skateboarding stunts that seem so impossible, they're hilarious to watch. The dude is like a real-life version of Tony Hawk -- the video game.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 30-year-old skateboard guru said of his artistic pursuits,

Painting I can do, no problem. Both of my parents are great painters, so I kind of have it hardwired into my DNA. It doesn't even feel like a challenge when I'm doing it – which is why I prefer skating. Because skating is something I never feel like I'll master.

Keep scrolling to check out some of his craziest stunts.

This makes hover boards look so, so lame.

Why just ride skateboards when you can also skate on "Danger" signs?

Telephone wires make for perfect props, too.

Is your mind blown yet?

How about now?

This should do it.

Or this.

Sorry (not sorry) your brain will never be the same.

You can watch Richie Jackson pulling off these amazing stunts (and wiping out on a few) in the video above.

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