This Couple Ditched Their Mortgage For An Ultra-Modern, Tiny House For $22,000 (Photos)

Does paying your mortgage feel like an endless battle you'll never win?

This couple felt the same exact way. If you haven't experienced what it's like to take out a mortgage yet, consider yourself lucky.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison were beyond tired of their mortgage while struggling with debt and everything else that comes along with it.

They didn't give up. They took matters into their own hands and built this $22,000 house so they could kiss their mortgage goodbye.

The tiny home measures in at 221 square feet, but it's all they need for right now. The 28-foot long, 8.5-foot wide house sits on a trailer-like fixture that allows it to be pulled out and moved from location to location whenever needed.

According to My Modern Met, the home features a master bedroom, a fully-functional bathroom, an in-home office, tons of storage space and a full-sized kitchen for all of your cooking needs.

You're basically going to find everything you'd get in a small condo or small apartment in this tiny, $22,000 home. It's also pretty effortless to inquire about. Anyone can choose a tiny house plan from this website.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at their home!

H/T: My Modern Met, Photos Courtesy: Tiny House Build