These 30 Bizarre Lookalikes Are Hilariously Similar To Each Other (Photos)

We've all seen hairless cats that look exactly like Russia's president, Vladimir Putin.

But, Putin isn't the only one with a strikingly similar lookalike! We recently came across a collection of photos comparing Nicki Minaj to a toy troll and David Hasselhoff to a big, pissed off cat.

Oh, and who knew Rihanna looks exactly like a can of Arizona Green Tea?

Check out the hilarious comparisons below for a closer look!

Albert Einstein and this genius baby

An Oyster card and this woman's outfit Cartman and this kid that looks exactly like him Jason and this Croc Julia Roberts and Jared Leto Justin Timberlake in the 90s and ramen noodles  Kim Kardashian and Shamu Michael Jackson and this Egyptian statue Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Nicki Minaj and this troll toy Olympian McKayla Maroney and this unimpressed bunny Richard Branson and this dog Rihanna and a can of Arizona Green Tea Samuel Jackson and this dog. Snoop Dogg and this dog Taylor Lautner and this alpaca Taylor Swift and this bus The Hoff and this kitty The old guy from Disney's "UP" and this man These puppies and fried chicken This candy and this guy's head This dog and Vladimir Putin This girl and this doll This grandmother and the grandma from "Looney Toons" This guy's shirt and these giant plastic bags This homeless guy and this male fashion model This lady's outfit and this iPhone case This puppy and this teddy bear This woman and her dog This woman's outfit and this caterpillar

via Bored Panda, Photos Courtesy: Imgur