These Are The High-Tech Drones That You Can Actually Buy

by Robert Anthony

Drones aren't only used to shoot down their targets and cause airborne havoc. They're also used to film, explore and capture aerial views of your choice. Drone technology is often times frowned upon due to the warfare tactics that they've been used for by the special armed forces in the United States and around the world.

Luckily for us, we all have a chance to experience the most high-tech drones up close since they've been put on the general marketplace for filming and recreational use. Check out the high-tech drones that you can actually buy and use.

Gatewing X100 UAV Drone

Perhaps one of the more expensive drones on the market, the Gatewing X100 holds the title for being mainly used professionally. The Gatewing is a pretty durable machine and can withstand rough weather and high winds. It can fly for about 45 minutes before it needs to be landed and charged up.

Use: Professional

Prices starting at $40,000+ (Purchase)


Droidworx Skyjib Airframe

The Droidworx Skyjib drone is one of the most sophisticated drones we've seen so far. You can pick this one up for a fair price and still use it recreationally or professionally. The Skyjib is mainly used to shoot movies and can carry a RED camera. If you're looking to spend less money and get top quality, this is the drone you want to order.

Use: Recreational/Professional

Prices starting at $4,000 (Purchase)


Aibotix Aibot X6 UAV Drone

Made in Germany, the Aibotix Aibot X6 UAV drone serves a stable purpose in the film industry as it's mainly used to carry filming equipment such as small cameras and microphones. The landing and take off scenarios are completely automated and the device even comes with crash safety programming. Expect to pay a hefty price for this one.

Use: Professional

Prices starting at $30,000 (Purchase)


Penguin B UAV Drone

The Penguin B UAV drone is one of the most recognized drones in the industry. Used by the government and armed forces, you can bet that UAVFactory offers top quality and durability for this device. That can also explain the reason that this drone has one of the largest price tags on the market. At first, this device was only available to officials but now civilians with the right kind of money can pick up one of these!

Use: Government, Professional

Prices starting at $50,000 (Purchase)


Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV Drone

The Lehmann GoPro drone is most known for its recreational filming capabilities. From snowboarding footage to filming skate videos out in California, the Lehmann GoPro is one of the most used devices when it comes to capturing some of the sickest moments from an aerial perspective. It's also fairly cheap which makes it easily obtainable and convenient if you're trying to avoid paying an arm and a leg for something you're just looking to mess around with!

Use: Recreational

Prices starting at $1,300 (GoPro camera not included) (Purchase)


Parrot AR Drone 2.0

When we think of drones, we think of the Parrot AR Drone. It's unique design makes it that much more desirable. It's capabilities offer the basics. It's a cheap device but can be used to experiment with a drone for the first time. The Parrot AR drone takes flight with a traditional quad-copter  system which allows effortless handling. The battery life isn't long but this isn't for filming or government use. We're talking practice! You can pick one up on Amazon and it comes with a warranty in case there are any defects.

Use: Recreational

Prices starting at $300 (Purchase)