These 20 Photos Of Guys Wearing Meggings Proves Manhood Is Now Nonexistent

There's a particular trend that shouldn't be a trend right now, and I'm talking about the "meggings" trend. You know, leggings for men. Guys, I just want to make this very clear: This type of clothing should be left to the ladies. It was made for them.

Why are you wearing these? If you have these in your closet, you should make a note to yourself to never be able to purchase anything again.

Clearly you don't respect yourself, because if you did, you wouldn't leave the house wearing skin-tight, spandex-like "pants" that can probably cause endless vomiting on sight.

Seriously, if you thought harem pants were bad, these things are a slap in the face to men's fashion as a whole. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same.

There are some guys out there who are addicted to buying form-fitting ballet tights. The worst part is they aren't just buying them to lounge around or work out in, they're actually sporting them in public as if anyone wants to see this sh*t.

Leggings were made for women and women only. It's that simple. There's nothing more to it. They were made so women could be comfortable going from the yoga studio to the office -- everyone knows this. There's no reason men should be wearing them.

As a matter of fact, so many dudes are wearing these things that we were able to compile way too many images of them. Check them out below and prepare to douse your keyboard in tears and barf.




















Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr