The Waiting Game: Photographer Captures Roadside Prostitutes In Spain Waiting For Customers (Photos)

On a quest to capture and reveal the often unseen, a Spanish photographer decided to venture around different parts of the globe and take photos of roadside prostitutes awaiting potential customers. It's something you might've seen portrayed in a movie or your imagination, except it's real -- very real.

"The Waiting Game," and through photos, he proves that prostitution is pretty much that -- a waiting game.

Just by glancing at these images, you can tell these women are often situated in the middle of nowhere, sitting on chairs and basking in the sun waiting for a truck to roll by. The roads and routes are strategically chosen. You know, small, low-traffic areas that go from town to town.

Salvans had to use a very stealthy technique while taking these photos. Instead of asking them if they'd want to be in his series, he just decided to snap shots that capture the scenic beauty around them while they do their job.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

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