The Ultimate Nintendo 64 Collection Featuring 310 Games Can Be Yours For Only $50K (Photos)

Already tired of your new gaming console? Maybe you need to run over to GameStop and grab a few new games. Or maybe you need to hop in a time machine and venture to the past, when Nintendo 64 and PlayStation One ruled the gaming world.

You have a better chance of finding all of the hidden packages in any Grand Theft Auto game than locating a time machine. Luckily, someone on eBay is offering up the deal of a lifetime!

According to this eBay post, you can own the entire Nintendo 64 game collection, the deluxe console and accessories for $49,800. The collection consists of 310 games. You'll probably never have this much fun. The post's description reads:

Everything is Nintendo original, no Japanese games or duplicates in this collection. All labels, both front and back are intact and colors are still vibrant.

If you feel like you were cheated out of having an awesome childhood because you didn't have every single game that came out in the 90s, find $50,000. The choice is yours!

Check out the photos below for a closer look at the goods.

Photos Courtesy: eBay