The 'Normcore' Fashion Trend: Because Dressing Like Jerry Seinfeld In The 90s Is The Cool Thing To Do (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

Every now and then, a new fashion trend is brought to life. The latest craze to take over the wardrobes of fashion heads around the world is "normcore."

In short, it's just another term for dressing like you're back in the early 90s. You know, old school pairs of Nikes, stonewashed jeans, ancient NBA jerseys and old snapback hats.

This trend was born because of the simple fact that everyone pretty much looks exactly the same now in terms of the types of clothing we wear.

Everyone has that shirt you're wearing, everyone has those sneakers you thought no one would have and no one plans on starting trends of their own.

The ones that do start trends of their own usually just fall into an existing style category. Very rarely do people try to dress like they're from the future, but we do know those people who dress like they're a walking blast from the past — that trend is now referred to as "normcore." These are people that don't want to buy that new pair of Nike Free Runs you just bought.

These are people that don't own an NBA jersey from anywhere within the past decade. What they fail to realize is that they're not actually being themselves, they're just categorizing themselves with another type of style.

It's an everlasting cycle. There's nothing particularly new or original about this trend.

In a recent write up regarding this trend written by Fiona Duncan for NY Mag, Duncan reveals

"Sometime last summer I realized that, from behind, I could no longer tell if my fellow Soho pedestrians were art kids or middle-aged, middle-American tourists."

That in itself is the particular reason that "normcore" even exists. A lot of people couldn't tell other people apart because everyone just looked the same and some people decided that dressing like Jerry Seinfeld would make them look unlike the rest.

In another 50 years, a small trendy group of people will be wearing what we consider to be "mainstream" now, except it will be cool because it's not supposed to exist anymore.

I've come to the conclusion that there is very little room for originality in fashion due to the simple fact that whatever wardrobe combination you're thinking about probably already exists somewhere in the world.

Being different is trendy, being original is trendy, wearing old things that can't be purchased anymore is trendy — "normcore" is trendy.

Check out photos below for closer look at this particular style trend.

Photos Courtesy: Amy Lombard/NY Mag, Tumblr, Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr