Believe It Or Not, This Guy Is The Legendary Voice Of The Kool-Aid Man

Voiceover artists are a special breed of people.

Not everyone has the ability to choose a career path that solely rewards them for using their vocal cords.

This edition of "so that's the guy who does that voice?!" gives us a rare look at the legendary vocals behind the Kool-Aid man. Meet Frank Simms, an actor and singer who was the voice for that giant red pitcher of fruit juice for 15 years.

In a recent video uploaded to Facebook by Great Big Story, Simms reveals that he's been the voice of the iconic wall-crushing pitcher for over a decade. From the deepness of the voice, to the memorable phrase "oh, yeah," Simms then proceeds to explain how the voice of the Kool-Aid man actually came about.

The video's description reads,

Remember the wall-crushing Kool - Aid ads that interrupted your cartoons? Mixing equal parts Van Halen and Barry White, Frank Simms crafted the voice that became the key ingredient of the infamously sugary drink.

According to Huffington Post, Frank Simms also voiced commercials for Honeycomb Cereal as well as background vocals for music industry icons Billy Joel, Madonna and David Bowie.

You learn something new every day!

Check out the video above for a closer look.

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