20 Text Conversations That Will Make You Seriously Miss Your Best Friend (Photos)

Ah, friendship goals. Everyone's got 'em!

If you don't, you might want to get your notepad out and take notes. One of the best ways to gauge the strength of any of your existing friendships is to scroll through your text messages and study your conversations.

Are your friends looking out for you? Are they as eager for your success as you are? Do they tell it like it is?

Those are just a handful of questions to ask yourself when evaluating the bond you have with your office buddy, your Twitter friend, your ex-turned-BFF or the person you've literally known your entire life.

Below are 20 text messages that define all of our friendship goals. This is what having a best friend (forever) should look like.

Real friends are always looking out for you. Always.

They support all of your dreams -- no matter how bizarre.

Real friends are always open to your suggestions.

They keep you in the loop and update you on their lives. Consistently.

You can always count on them to listen to you vent.

Real friends know obscure facts about you -- including the daily schedule of your bowel movements.

They know how to keep you level-headed and sane.

Only the truest of friends include you in all of their plans.

They occasionally say corny, soft things to you they secretly mean.

But remember, they'll never hesitate to put you in your place if needed.

Don't worry, they always have words of encouragement handy, too.

Real friends don't just say, "Not much, you," when you ask what they're doing. They answer with honesty.

They want the best for the both of you. Even at a "fancy dress party."

Real friends know what you like.

They tell it like it is... because you deserve it.

Similar to girlfriends or boyfriends, they are willing to compromise.

They get you meaningful, memorable gifts on special days.

They lie to you, but only to make you feel good about yourself.

If they'll kill for you (and text about it), they're probably real friends.

Lastly, real friends will never hesitate to give you a history lesson when they feel like you need it.