40-Foot-Tall Castle Made With Real Icicles Is Absolutely Breathtaking (Video)

As kids, we all loved spending hours playing in the snow.

Nothing was better than showing up all of the kids in your neighborhood by building the most impressive snow fort on the block.

But whoever said playing in the snow was just for kids has clearly never seen the incredible creations made by Ice Castles.

Recently, filmmakers Michael Sutton and Julian Tryba bundled up and braved the freezing New Hampshire temperatures to capture the latest endeavors of Ice Castles.

Their time-lapse video shows the process of constructing an incredible castle built in Lincoln, NH. However, this isn't your average snow fortress; the massive structure is constructed entirely out of ice.

That's right, a real-life "Frozen" castle exists, and this thing looks so incredible, it puts Elsa's to shame.

Each frozen fortress is carefully engineered and constructed with harvested icicles stacked up to 40 feet tall. A single structure can contain up to as many as half a million individual icicles.

In the video, you can see their latest castle -- a sprawling structure with walls that almost look like a frozen waterfall.

This chilly castle has everything from gorgeous icicle-clad ceilings to changing, colored lights and is pretty much the epitome of a winter wonderland.

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