Yes, You Can Literally Swim In A Pool Of Sprinkles This Summer

by Robert Anthony

If you plan on taking your sweet tooth on a date this summer, there's only one place you should go -- the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City. That's right, an entire museum dedicated to the most delicious dessert known to man.

According to Bustle, the sugar-filled oasis is set to open in Manhattan's Meatpacking District on July 29 for a limited time. Located at 100 Gansevoort street, the Museum of Ice Cream will give the MoMA a run for its money by offering museum guests a mouthwatering look at a "modern, whimsical urban ice cream playground," according to its official website.

The museum's description reads,

Museum of Ice Cream will pop up in the heart of the Meatpacking District at 100 Gansevoort Street with a lick-able, like-able, shareable ice cream-centric experience throughout August.

Think of it as Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. You'll be able to eat balloons, enjoy a playground that looks like it's made of ice cream and swim in a pool filled with actual sprinkles.

Cancel all of my plans for the rest of the summer and count me in.

Ice cream lovers rejoice. The Museum of Ice Cream is opening in Manhattan's Meatpacking District on July 29.

I'm not sure about you but this is the ONLY place I want to be this summer. It's ice cream heaven.

Guests will enjoy edible balloons, playgrounds that look like scoops of ice cream, a swimmable pool of sprinkles and, of course, tons of ice cream.

The website reads "...swing on an ice cream sandwich made for two, seesaw on an ice cream scooper and find your match/favorite flavor on a custom app in Tinder Land." Tinder Land?

This whimsical land of sugary goodness might just change your life forever.

The Museum of Ice Cream will be open from 11 am to 9 pm on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday hours are 11 am to 8 pm.

Tickets start at $12 for children, $18 for adults and $30 for two adults.

The museum will be open from July 29 to August 31 so you might want to hurry and reserve your tickets before it's too late.

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