This 'Suitcase Of The Future' Will Make Your Life So Much Easier (Video)

In case you weren't already aware, the future has arrived and it's pretty dope. When I think about suitcases, I don't typically consider innovation --until now, that is.

The "suitcase of the future" is brought to you by NUA Robotics, an Israeli robotics company, and comes complete with a built-in camera sensor and the ability to connect to Bluetooth.

Never again will you have to suffer the headache of losing a bag and putting your trust in an airline to find it.

Another super sci-fi plus: It follows you around like a dog -- only, your carry-on won't run toward traffic in pursuit of a squirrel.

According to NUA Robotics CEO Alex Libman, the smart suitcase is one step toward making more everyday objects smart. I really hope that means we're one step closer to getting perfect blowouts from our blowdryers. Time will tell, I suppose.

Watch Mashable's video of this can-do suitcase in action, below.

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