Famous Guys Who Always Dress the Same

Steve Jobs isn’t the first man to decide choosing what to wear every day is too much work. Albert Einstein bought several versions of the same suit, surmising that his brainpower was better used on less pedestrian pursuits, like providing the groundwork for nuclear weapons.

It takes a real man to wear the same thing every day and look good doing it. To get you thinking about what your uniform will be, we present 15 male icons who either never change their clothes or have a lot of really similar outfits hanging around in the closet.

Pee Wee Herman, performance artist and actor

Grey suit, red bowtie and.. lipstick?

Fidel Castro, Cuban revolutionary

Combat fatigues, beard and cigar.

Indiana Jones, globetrotting archaeologist

Fedora, brown leather jacket, chin scar and bullwhip.

Albert Einstein, physicist and composer of the theory of relativity

Grey suit and crazy hair.

Henry Rollins, actor, spoken word artist and former front man of Black Flag and Rollins Band

Black pants, black T-shirt and prison tattoos.

Steve Jobs, retired Apple CEO

Blue jeans, black turtleneck and smug sense of self-satisfaction.

The Ramones, punk rock band and CBGB mainstays

T-shirts, black leather jackets and nut-hugger jeans.

Johnny Cash, country music legend, Man in Black and all-around bad ass

Black shirt, black pants, black vest and black beauties.

Karl Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director for Chanel

High-collar tuxedo and sunglasses.